How we prepare?

Many NDA coaching institutions have one teacher for every subject. In DSA we have two or more teachers for every subject so that student can gain more knowledge, skill and deeply understand each subject. So that, it is easy for cadets to prepare better for NDA.

How we prepare our students at Defence Services?

  • Mathematics : Mathematics is the first paper in NDA exam. Defence Services Academy is the first to have 3 professors for teaching Mathematics and 1 for conducting the examination. Class XI syllabus is not neglected and is taught by the professors at DSA. JEE & NDA exam mock test are also conducted.     Some of the books used are State Board Mathematics, CBSE/NCERT Mathematics, R.S. Agrawal NDA Mathematics, PathFinder NDA Mathematics, NCERT Objective Mathematics & IIT Level Mathematics books.
  • English : Most of the Class XI, XII students do not include English in their preparation for JEE, NEET exams. But if you’re preparing for UPSC/MPSC along with NDA, you must prepare for at least 8-10 objective type questions of English. English for NDA/UPSC/MPSC can be prepared within 3-4 months.    But daily practice is still necessary after finishing the studies, hence we also conduct exams regularly. Defence Services Academy has 2 CBSE experienced lecturers for English, Prof. N.R. Ghai,                   Prof. Deepak Sharma, along with a Guest Lecturer Dr. Ashish Paaliwal.
  • Science : Basic Knowledge of Physics, Chemistry & Biology is a must for an NDA Officer.                      Here, at DSA, we have 2 professors for each subject, who also prepare students for NDA/JEE & NEET. Generally, science syllabus for NDA is less as compared to JEE. The questions asked in NDA exam are easier as compared to JEE & NEET.

           Basic Science of Class VIII, IX, X is important while preparing for NDA /UPSC /MPSC , here at DSA, we prepare our students with the help of science books of Class VIII, IX, X.

  • History, Geography & General Knowledge : These are the subjects that play an important role in NDA/UPSC/MPSC exam. Revision of Class IX,X syllabus is necessary. Here, at DSA, CBSE/NCERT books are referred to prepare for NDA/UPSC/MPSC under guidance of Prof. Rahul Rajguru and Prof. Vandana Lute.
  • SSB Interview & Personality Development : Defence Services Academy conducts a special 3 hour class, every Sunday, for SSB Interview & Personality Development. It includes activities like Speech, Group Discussion, Essay. Students are trained especially for the SSB Interview.
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