Our teacher’s communication is at the next level. By communicating with students a teacher can identify their favorite hobbies, sports and interests. A great teacher teaches the subject in a more enjoyable way that better supported their learning.
Listening is one of the most important skills to become a great teacher. A teacher can help the student build their skills and confidence levels.

Teachers With Vision

Our Instructors

Best teachers are the most important factor that contributes to student achievement in the classroom, more important than infrastructure, facilities and resources. And we have a bunch of them. Have a look!

Prof. D. R. Patil

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Mathematics)

Prof. Rupali Thote

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Mathematics)

Prof. Ajay Bhoyar

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Mathematics)

Prof. V. B. Bhoge

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Physics)

Prof. Narendra Palandurkar

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Physics)

Prof. Ketki Rahangdale

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Physics)

Prof. R. D. Chouthankar

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Chemistry)

Prof. Y. T. Tembhare

M. Sc. , B. Ed. (Biology)

Prof. Neetu Ghai

M. A. (English)

Prof. Vandana Lute

M. A. , B. Ed. (Hindi/Eng./Geo.)

Prof. Krishna Lede

B. Sc. (IT)

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