Myths About NDA

There are several myths about NDA. Want to know what is reality? Please go through the article.

Myths about NDA

Myths about NDA

Myth 1: Minimum height 6ft. and weight 60 kgs.
Truth- Minimum height 5 ft. and weight 44 kgs.


Myth 2: Running, Physical Exercise ,Gym is more important than studying 11th and 12th Syllabus.
Truth-Studying 11th and 12th syllabus is more important because the questions asked in NDA exam are mostly from 11th and 12th Syllabus. Students who pass NDA Written Exam are required to be fit and the same is tested in SSB Interview. Students can prepare for this physical training in 15-20 days without joining a Gym.


Myth 3: Students must be admitted to Military schools which have 10 acres Playground, Swimming Pool and Horse riding facilities.
Truth- There is no relation between NDA and Military School. A big ground and horses do not help you get in NDA. Study of 11th, 12th and JEE Syllabus along with CBSE pattern English and reading/watching NEWS for General Knowledge is required to join NDA.


NOTE: Some Institutes show a Big Ground, Arms, Horses, Swimming pool and mislead parents and students. Only regular and proper study is required to join NDA.

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