Why DSA is better?

Why DSA pattern of our academy is so popular and why admission in DSA gives you guaranteed success? Have a look… 

Your Best choice for NDA Coaching!

1) Five Lecturers for Class 11th and 12th State Board, NDA, JEE Mathematics
2) Two Experienced CBSE Lecturers for NDA English
3) Two or three Lecturers for each subject in Science for NDA, JEE
Physics- Three lecturers for Physics
Chemistry- Three lecturers for Chemistry
Biology- Three lecturers for Biology
History, Geography, General Knowledge-
Two lecturers for GAT
5) SSB Interview guidance by-
i) Dr. Nitin Vighne ( Psychologist, International Career Counselor, Air Force, Nagpur)
ii) Ex-Captain Shivali Deshpande
iii) Prof.Shailesh Lambe
6) Due to hot environment of Maharashtra, Students can only study 4-5 hours in regular classrooms, whereas NDA/JEE preparation requires 10-12 hours of study. This is why at DSA we have AC classrooms for students so that they can study tirelessly.

Other Institutes for NDA Coaching

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."


One Lecturer for Mathematics
One state board lecturer for NDA English
One lecturer for 11th and 12th Science
One Lecturer for History, Civics and G.K.
No guidance for SSB Interview
No other Institute has A.C. Classrooms

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